Selection and recruitment in the time of COVID – what have we learned and where next?

27th November 2020
to 27th November 2020


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INReSH 2020: Selection and recruitment in the time of COVID – what we learned and where next?
Friday 27th November, 3-5pm (UK Time)
Thanks to you those who joined us for our first virtual meeting of the International Network for Researchers in Selection into Healthcare (INReSH) where we explored the impact of the pandemic and discussed examples of best practice. 
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INReSH 2020 Programme


Welcome & Introduction

Keynote Presentation – Dr Kevin Eva

Professor Anna Mountford-Zimbars Talk


Workshop Feedback


Please note: the main parts of the conference will be recorded and shared online afterwards – the workshops will not be recorded.
Dr Kevin Eva, The University of British Colombia & Editor of Medical Education
Talk: How COVID-19 could push selection research to where it should have been all along

Dr. Kevin Eva is Associate Director and Senior Scientist in the Centre for Health Education Scholarship, and Professor and Director of Educational Research and Scholarship in the Department of Medicine, at the University of British Columbia.  He completed his PhD in Cognitive Psychology (McMaster University) in 2001 and became Editor-in-Chief for the journal Medical Education in 2008. 
Dr. Eva maintains a number of international appointments including Honorary Skou Professor at Aarhus University (Denmark), Honorary Professorial Fellow at the University of Melbourne (Australia), and visiting professor at the University of Bern (Switzerland).  He has consulted broadly around the globe including advisory roles for the National Board of Medical Examiners (US) and National Health Services Education (Scotland).  He co-founded the Maastricht-Canada Masters of Health Professional Education program and works extensively with the Medical Council of Canada and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia.
Dr. Eva’s current research interests are broadly defined within the context of research into educational practices within the health professions. They include research into (1) The value and limits of subjectivity as a means of assessing performance, (2) The promotion and assessment of non-academic characteristics in professional practice, (3) The context specific nature of performance, (4) The conceptualization, nature, and use of self-assessment, (5) The psychological processes that impact upon one’s responsiveness to feedback, and (6) The nature of clinical expertise.  
Professor Anna Mountford-Zimbars, University of Exeter

Anna is the academic co-founder and co-director of the Centre for Social Mobility at the University of Exeter which she directs jointly with her practice colleague, the Head of Widening Participation. Anna is also Professor of Social Mobility in the Graduate School of Education.
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As part of the programme we’ll be running three workshops concurrently 15:55-16:35
The workshops are as follows…
Workshop 1 – Impact on Widening Participation

What are the issues and impact of the pandemic on WP to Higher Education and the Healthcare professions in particular?
Are there examples of good practice and solutions to problems

Workshop 2 – Digital Selection

What changes have occurred, how have we adapted?
What are the benefits and disadvantages of these changes

Workshop 3 – What are our research priorities?

Has the pandemic changed our priorities for research within selection and WP?
Does the selection process prioritise the future clinical academics


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