Pre Conference Workshop at APMEC in SINGAPORE 13th January 2016

13th January 2016

PRE CONFERENCE WORKSHOP Fundamentals in Leadership and Management in Education (FLAME) Course  13th ASIA PACIFIC MEDICAL EDUCATION CONFERENCE(APMEC) in SINGAPORE Wednesday 13th January 2016RationaleMost educators and clinical teachers have some level of management or leadership responsibility, whether this is leading a team or managing a module, programme or educational activity. The need for medical and healthcare educators to have some formal management and leadership training is now widely recognised. A range of institutionally organised and Masters level courses in leadership and management are available but there is a lack of introductory, basic level courses specifically for healthcare educators. The FLAME Programme has been designed to meet the need for those who are new to the theory of leadership and management and who feel they want to gain more understanding of the skills required to lead and manage contemporary education. The FLAME course will be of particular interest to those who want to develop their understanding of leadership and apply theory to practice, including those new to education as well as those who have been given new responsibilities. The course has been designed by experienced faculty to meet the needs of educators at all stages of career and uses highly interactive activities which can be related directly to practice. FLAME is accredited by ASME.Fundamentals in Leadership and Management in Education (FLAME) CourseThis introductory course has been designed around a set of core skills and understandings that leaders and managers in education should possess. These include: •               Leadership and management: understanding the differences between leadership and management and key activities required under each of these; •               Leadership theory to practice: understanding key leadership frameworks and how these apply to the practice of a healthcare education leader/manager; •               Developing and communicating the vision: creative ways of setting a vision for change and communicating this to others; •               Developing self as leader, developing self-insight, goal setting and action planning. •               Post-course report: Participants may choose to submit, within six months of completion of the course, a short report describing the application of the concepts and principles covered in the FLAME Course to their own leadership and management, leading to award of the ASME-FLAME Certificate in Fundamentals of Leadership and Management in Education. Course schedule: Wednesday 13th January 2016: 0900-1600 Friday and Saturday 15th and 16th January 2016 – facilitated lunchtime meeting during main conferenceSunday 17th January 2016: 0900 – 1230FLAME Course Faculty: Associate Professor Paul Jones, Programme Director, Graduate Entry Medicine Programme, Swansea University. UK Professor Kirsty Forrest, Director of Medical Education Macquarie University, AustraliaAssoc Prof Claire Vogan, Director of Student Support and Guidance, Swansea University, UKPlus additional expertsFLAME Course fee: US$575Includes:•           One full-day pre-conference session (13 January 2016)•           Printed course programme•           Workbook•           Set of additional resource materials accessed via a dedicated section on the ASME website•           Certificate of participation •           Two facilitated lunchtime meetings during the main conference (15 and 16 January 2016)•           A half day post conference workshop (17 January 2016)•              Optional submission and assessment of a post-course report, details of which will be given during the Course; •               Award of ASME FLAME Certificate if the post-course report is assessed as meeting the requirements of the Certificate. Please note: In addition to the FLAME course fee, participants are required to register and pay the registration fees for 13th APMEC main conference and one or two pre-conference workshops of their choice.
More information is available at the APMEC conference website

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