Leadership in Threes – ASM Pre-Conference Workshop 2016

4th July 2016
to 4th July 2016
University of Exeter, Brunel Cl, Exeter EX4 4FH, UK

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“Leadership in threes”: A structured approach to developing leadership, management and followership capabilities.
Presenters: Judy McKimm, Paul Jones, Claire Vogan – Leadership Development Group Tuesday 5th July 2016 10am – 4pm Members: £110, Non-member £125, F1/F2/Trainee: £90, UG £70
Our understanding of leadership is changing in education and healthcare as we apply learning from a wide range of literature into our own contexts. We have developed a model (“Leadership in threes”) which provides a structured framework for developing and understanding the knowledge and expertise; skills and personal qualities require to be an effective leader, manager and follower. The framework also offers practical ways to learn and apply these skills at individual, team/group and organisation/system levels.  This workshop aims to:

Introduce the model and its theoretical underpinnings
Provide a structured framework and tools to help individuals identify needs and develop leadership, management and  followership skills
Raise awareness of how this approach can be used with learners in different educational settings
Provide a safe space for thinking and learning about leadership from a personal perspective
Provide opportunities for personal action planning

The workshop is relevant for individuals at any stage of their career. It is highly interactive and developmental comprising short presentations, case examples, creative thinking techniques and group and individual activities. 


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