IPE beyond the MDT: Insights from an innovative, multi-stakeholder simulation

17th May 2023

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The major incident course at the University of Buckingham Medical School focuses on acute medicine in a pre-hospital environment to provide opportunities for realistic experience of inter-professional education and communication (both within and outside of healthcare teams), managing uncertainty across several contexts, and information management in a situation beyond the clinical ward. The ASME Bitesize webinar will explore how this project began and has developed as a template for others who may wish to explore adding a unique simulation into their clinical training.

The webinar will illustrate how the experience provides IPE beyond the MDT as the inter-professional team implementing the curriculum element involves a range of stakeholders including academics, emergency service personnel, acute medicine clinicians, hospital-based emergency planning officers, actors, journalists, administrative staff and undergraduate medical students.

There will also be discussion and insight into a career pathway that is not visible within other aspects of the core curriculum but has been highlighted by a number of students as a specialist interest. In addition the webinar will explore how the event and the week long curriculum element provides information and activities, and an immersive simulation of a major incident, this will enable students to have a level of preparedness if they find themselves within an incident in the future, whether as a doctor or as a member of the public.


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