Interprofessional Diabetes for Healthcare Professionals

23rd May 2023

The prime aim of this programme is to provide practitioners from different specialities and with the knowledge and competencies to manage, maintain, treat and/or transfer patients with diabetes to the appropriate tier of care. The outcomes will include improved personal confidence, more effective referral in the tiered structure of diabetes care, appropriate collaboration and engagement with the specialist team(s) and intelligent use of new therapies.

This is a credit-bearing online course with specific deadlines, group assessments and a one day face to face assessment on site. Successful students will receive a transcript for a Level 7 (postgraduate) 15 credit module.

Speciality: any healthcare professions that meet the following: Medical or nursing degree or post-licensure status as an allied health professional active for at least 2 years, Full GMC / nursing council registration to practice and sufficient English language proficiency.

Date: 23rd May 2023 (Online course with face-to-face assessments)

To book onto the course, please click on the following link:

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