Foundations of Assessment Masterclass for Health professional Educators

18th June 2024
to 19th June 2024
Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists 10-18 Union St, London

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This course is designed for health professional educators who want a comprehensive introduction to evidence-based assessment principles, and also for experienced educators who would like an update on contemporary best practice in assessment.

Objectives: participants will

  • Gain insights into current pedagogy and best practice in assessment
  • Learn about blueprinting a test
  • Learn to write Single Best Answer items (SBAs)
  • Learn about pedagogy and best practice relating to OSCEs
  • Gain an overview of the literature around the development of WBA
  • Gain skills in understanding basic test metrics
  • Be introduced to concepts around setting pass/fail standards



  • Contemporary best practice in assessment for health professions (Katharine Boursicot)
  • Portfolios for developing professional competence (Richard Fuller)
  • Feedback (Sandra Kemp)
  • Framework for good assessment (John Norcini)


  • Tests of knowledge (SBAs and VSAs)
  • Tests of clinical skills (OSCEs)
  • Test construction: designing blueprints to align with learning outcomes
  • Workplace-based assessment (WBA)
  • Fundamentals of test quality, analysis and interpretation of test metrics
  • Standard setting

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