Doing things differently in student support with MEDISS and the University of Leeds

9th December 2020
to 9th December 2020

Doing things differently in student support – in Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Physician Associates and other Health Professions
A Virtual Conference Session
14:00-17:00 GMT
Wednesday 9th December 2020
The ASME MEDISS Special Interest Group jointly ran this virtual conference session with the University of Leeds School of Medicine.
The session was suitable for all staff involved in student support for medicine and the health professions including physician associates, dentistry, and veterinary medicine.
The conference included interactive and interesting sessions with an inspirational line up of speakers Dr Caroline Elton (author of Also Human: the inner lives of doctors), Dr Bridgette Bewick (University of Leeds) and Dr Pip Fisher (University of Manchester). The aim of the programme was to help us all think about how we can do things differently (and better) in student support. 
Please click on the links below to access speaker videos 
Almost (or Also) Human – Dr Caroline Elton
Placing wellbeing at the heart of curriculum – Dr Bridgette Bewick
Student support and wellbeing – learning from Covid – Dr Pip Fisher 






Dr Jonathan Darling
(University of Leeds)


Almost or Also Human

Dr Caroline Elton




Placing wellbeing at the heart of the curriculum

Dr Bridgette Bewick


Student support and Wellbeing – Learning from Covid

Dr Pip Fisher


Summary & close

Dr Shirley Rigby – MEDISS

Dr Caroline Elton is an occupational psychologist who specialises in career counselling. After completing her first degree at Oxford University she obtained a fellowship to the University of Pennsylvania where she completed a masters in Educational Research. She then returned to the UK and did a Ph.D at the Department of Academic Psychiatry, University College London Medical School. Since 1998 Caroline has worked in medical education including setting up and running an NHS funded careers support service across 70 hospitals in London. In 2014 she left the NHS and set up a specialist career consultancy for the medical profession. In 2018 her book ‘Also Human: the inner lives of doctors’ was published by Penguin/Random House in the UK and by Basic Books in the US.
Dr Bridgette Bewick is Associate Professor in Psychological Health at Wellbeing at the University of Leeds (UK) School of Medicine. Her portfolio of research advances our understanding of monitoring, managing, and modifying mental health and wellbeing. Bridgette is a Fellow of the Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence, her LITE Fellowship investigates how to embody Pedagogical Wellbeing into the university curriculum. Bridgette will consider how we can place wellbeing at the heart of university curriculum. She’ll share student experiences of university  before and during Covid-19, and what this means for student support. 
Dr Pip Fisher is Associate Programme Director for Student Wellbeing, and GP and Senior Clinical Lecturer in the School of Medicine, University of Manchester. Pip will talk about the positives we can take away from how our student support services have adapted to, and helped our students through, the first ten months of the Covid19 pandemic.

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