Cross-racial mentoring relationships: Disrupting through authentic dialogue

15th March 2023
to 17th March 2023

16th March 2023 at 3pm (UK time) – Free to attend

Racially-traumatic experiences on the road to academic publishing can perpetuate and lead to the diminishing of marginalized voices. In this session, co-authors (a Black 4th year medical student, MJ, and her white mentor, AK) share their journey processing and exploring their reactions to a journal review process. They argue that this authentic dialogue can work to disrupt racist structures in academic publishing. They offer recommendations for authors, mentors, reviewers and editors to support the voices of racially marginalized scholars with intentionality and sensitivity.

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Session presenters:

Monnique Johnson

Monnique Johnson - Uniformed Services University and Dartmouth University

Monnique Johnson is currently a fourth-year medical student at Uniformed Services University (USU) in the Air Force. 2Lt Johnson graduated from the Macaulay Honors College at The College of Staten Island in Staten New York in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology on a full-tuition scholarship.

Throughout her medical school career she has developed a passion for advocacy through research, particularly on issues facing students Underrepresented in medicine influenced by her own challenges as a student. Being  solution-oriented, she saw her challenge as an area for growth which sparked her research. She currently serves as the National Vice Chair for Students National Medical Association’s (SNMA) Diversity Research Committee helping to support the mission of increasing diversity in research. In addition, she has held positions as the co-community service chair on the AAMC and AMSUS  e-board where she nurtured her desire to give back to her underserved and underrepresented communities.

During her time at USU, 2Lt Johnson has conducted research, published several peer-reviewed articles and presented on local, national and international platforms. She has led multiple Faculty development workshops, co-created and facilitated curriculum and obtained graduate training certification in Health Professions Education.

Abigail Konopasky

Dr Abigail Konopasky - Uniformed Services University and Dartmouth University

Twitter handle: @AKonopasky

Abigail Konopasky (Abby) has a PhD in Linguistics from Princeton University and PhD in Educational Psychology and Research Methods from George Mason University. Drawing on both linguistics and psychology, Abby does qualitative and mixed methods research using linguistic tools to better understand inequity, agency, and resistance with currently and historically marginalized individuals. Additionally, she enjoys writing about the research methods and theories themselves and has published commentaries and chapters on narrative methods, linguistic methods, and theories of agency. Abby is a deputy editor at Teaching and Learning in Medicine and a Member-at-Large for Division I, Education in the Professions, for the American Educational Research Association.

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