ASME Research Methodology Group: Lunchtime Journal Club

27th January 2023
Virtual Event

The purpose of the RMG Special Interest Group is to provide a forum for discussion of research paradigms and approaches to support the work of the Educational Research Committee (ERC) and wider ASME aims.  In line with that, the ASME Journal Club is an opportunity to meet together online to look at a recent journal paper in the field, with a particular focus on methodologies in medical education.  It meets on the last Friday of every alternate month.  All are welcome to come along and join in the discussion.  

The second meeting of RMG’s 22/23 Lunchtime Journal Club will be on Friday 27th January, from 1:00 – 2:00.  The paper under discussion will be: Ethical dilemmas and reflexivity in qualitative research  (2018; Perspectives in Medical Education 7: 69-75) CLICK HERE to access the paper.

Dr Morven Shearer, RMG committee member, will be presenting the paper and facilitating the associated discussion.  All welcome!

The RMG Lunchtime Journal Club will continue on the last Friday of alternate months throughout 22/23, with the next meeting on Friday March 31st 2023.

Morven Shearer

Session speaker: Dr Morven Shearer

Morven is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Medicine at the University of St Andrews, and Director of the Graduate School for Interdisciplinary Studies. A life scientist originally, she became interested in wider issues of bioethics and science policy and subsequently moved into the area of medical ethics and law. Her areas of interest are trust and fairness, with a policy and practice focus. She has chaired the research ethics committee (REC) in Medicine for 8 years, and served as deputy convenor for the University REC. In the education-sphere, her research interests centre around interdisciplinarity, the teaching and assessing of ethics and the ethical review of pedagogic research and scholarship. A former Director of Teaching in the School of Biology and Associate Dean in the Faculty of Science, she values collaboration and led a cross-institutional faculty learning community to explore reflective academic practice.

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