Annual Scientific Meeting 2016 Belfast

6th July 2016
to 8th July 2016
2 Lanyon Pl, Belfast BT1 3WH, UK

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50 years of Medical Education: Historical perspectives, future directions 
The 2016 ASM will be held in Belfast at the Belfast Waterfront Conference Centre. 
Abstract Submission is now closed. Thank you for your submissions. Submitters have been notified of the outcome of their entries.
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The ASM is July 6th- 8th. Pre conference workshops start Tuesday July 5th 
Early Bird Registration has closed. Standard Rates now available. 
Registration fees:

 Day(s) attending 

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Tuesday pre conference workshop

Whole 3 day conference including welcome reception 

Whole 3 day conference student BOGOF offer 

Wednesday only

Wednesday + Welcome Reception only

Thursday only

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Wednesday and Thursday only

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Thursday and Friday only 

Buy one get one free (BOGOF) offer applies to undergraduate students registering at the same time.  The offer is available only when registering to attend the whole conference, and can not be applied when attending part of the conference.  It does not include the welcome reception or annual dinner.
The full ASM registration fee includes: 3 day conference, lunches, refreshments and access to the Welcome Reception. It does not include the cost of accommodation or the Annual Dinner.The annual dinner is an additional cost of £55.00 per person including welcome reception with sparkling wine & 3 course informal buffet.  

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Please click on sessions/speakers link you are interested in to view more information
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“Leadership in threes”: A structured approach to developing leadership, management and followership capabilities. Presenters: Judy McKimm, Paul Jones, Claire Vogan – Leadership Development Group 10am – 4pm Members: £110, Non-member £125, F1/F2/Trainee: £90, UG £70 Our understanding of leadership is changing in education and healthcare as we apply learning from a wide range of literature into our own contexts. We have developed a model (“Leadership in threes”) which provides a structured framework for developing and understanding the knowledge and expertise; skills and personal qualities require to be an effective leader, manager and follower. The framework also offers practical ways to learn and apply these skills at individual, team/group and organisation/system levels.  This workshop aims to: ·         Introduce the model and its theoretical underpinnings ·         Provide a structured framework and tools to help individuals identify needs and develop leadership, management and             followership skills·         Raise awareness of how this approach can be used with learners in different educational settings·         Provide a safe space for thinking and learning about leadership from a personal perspective·         Provide opportunities for personal action planning The workshop is relevant for individuals at any stage of their career. It is highly interactive and developmental comprising short presentations, case examples, creative thinking techniques and group and individual activities.Technology Enhanced Learning workshop (TEL SIG) Presenters: Dominic Alder, e-Learning Materials Developer, Katrina Butcher, General Surgical Registrar, Richard Bamford, General Surgical Registrar, Martin van Eker, Academies IT and Network Manager10am – 4pmMembers: £110, Non-member £125, F1/F2/Trainee: £90, UG £70 Creating innovative and engaging eLearning activities and materials can take time and often requires technical skills. Many organisations are now involving their students and trainees in the use of digital technologies to support their curricula, and in particular the development of online learning resources. This workshop will be an interactive, practical guide to how you can engage and harness the creativity of students and learners in developing high-quality sustainable e-learning projects.  Framed by a number of case-studies at both undergraduate and trainee level, the workshop will be largely participative with activities using digital tools to create resources. Through reflecting on your practical experiences of the workshop activities, you will develop an insight into the benefits for both teachers and learners, including the range of knowledge and skills (both technical and non-technical) developed, when working in partnership with learners to develop e-learning projects.  
The workshop will involve extensive participation from attendees through a variety of interactive activities – brainstorms and small-group work, presenting back to the wider group, etc.  A large part of the workshop will involve all attendees using a number of easy to use tools to create simple but effective online interactive exercises, reflecting on the level of knowledge and skills developed.   By the end of this workshop participants should be able to: ·         Discuss models for developing interactive e-learning resources through a number of case studies ·         Select and plan to use a selection of e-learning tools to develop innovative e-learning resources ·         Devise and implement plans for eLearning development projects involving learners 
These workshops need to be registered for prior to attending the ASM. Details are on the ASM registration page including relevant workshop fees. 

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Registration and setting up of posters and exhibits
Riverside Foyer/Hall 1

Morning events before conference officially opensThese events are open to anyone available to attend (with the exception of the Publications Board of Management)and there is no separate fee for them. You can sign up for them on the day


Joint JASME and TASME workshop: Educational Research Methods 
Eliot Rees & Janet Lefroy

Meeting Room 1a


Presenting skills for new presenters – A personal development workshop opportunity for the novice presenter
Simon Gay, Mark Lillicrap & Liz Spencer

Meeting Room 1b

Educational Games Workshop: The Journey from Traditional to TechnologicalPresented by: Gloucestershire Academy, University of Bristol
 Meeting Room 2b

JASME Orientation session – a guide to getting the best out of the programme

Meeting Room 3a

Lunch & viewing of exhibits & posters
 Hall 1 

Opening of and Welcome to the ASM 2016 50 Years of Medical Education: Historical perspectives, future directions Professor Jennifer Cleland, ASME Chair 

 Main Auditorium

The Lord Cohen Lecture50 years of Medical Education Cynthia Whitehead MD, Director, The Wilson Centre, Toronto, Canada  Question & Answer session Session Chair: Dr John Jenkins, ASME President  
 Main Auditorium

Meet the team – an introduction to the Special Interest Group Leads/Chairs 
 Main Auditorium

New Researcher Award 2016 Presentation Session Chair: Dr Susan Jamieson Deputy Chair Education Research Group (ERG) Marianne C. Mak-van der Vossen, (Department of Research in Education, VUmc School of Medical Sciences, Amsterdam, the Netherlands,  Department of General Practice and Elderly Care Management, VU University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands and LEARN! Research Institute for Learning and Education, VU University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands) will be presenting her paper: Distinguishing three unprofessional behavior profiles of medical students using Latent Class Analysis

Main Auditorium

Refreshment break & viewing of exhibits & posters
 Hall 1 

Member’s papers presented in Parallel Sessions inc. previous ASME award winners and Technology Enhanced Learning
See parallel session timetable

Support for Budding Researchers:Susan Jamieson, Ellayne Fowler, Lesley Pugsley and Jane Stewart


Welcome Reception and a toast to the journal Medical Education Refreshments and canapés, anniversary cakeDr John Jenkins and Professor Jen Cleland Dr Karen Mann (toast)

Exhibition Area, The Waterfront, Belfast 


JASME/TASME social event 
Click here to book now! 

CosmoVictoria Square, Level 2, Belfast BT1 4QG

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Registration & arrival refreshments
Riverside Foyer/Hall 1

Presentation of The ASME Gold Medal 2016Professor Tim Dornan, Queen’s University Belfast, UKQuestion and Answer session
 Main Auditorium

Future Directions for medical education and trainingPanel Discussion with Cees van der Vleuten, Fiona Patterson and Gerry GormleyChaired by Kevin Eva
 Main Auditorium

Refreshment break & viewing of exhibits & posters
 Hall 1

The following intra conference sessions will run simultaneously between 1130 and 1315 hrs and delegates can sign up for them on the day. There is no extra charge for attending these sessions

1 Educating Doctors in the moral mode of practice: developing professionalism and cultivating the virtues in Postgraduate Medical Education
Della Fish & Linda DeCossart
2 Physicians Associates workshopNick Cooper & David Kuhns 
  3 Regional Research Networks: Getting up and goingChaired by Bob McKinley, co-presented by Jane Stewart, Anne-Marie Reid and Jenny Johnston4 How can I understand exam quality – a guide for external examiners and exam board members John Cookson,Gay Fagan, Mike Stevenson & Jennifer Hallam 5a Writing for Publication (Medical Education & The Clinical Teacher) 5b Writing for Publication additional workshop. Delegate led activitiesJill Thistlethwaite, Michael Ross, Kevin Eva & Sue Symons 6 JASME Workshop – Debriefing and FeedbackAlan Gopal & Ciara Luscombe
7 TASME workshop – Clinical Teaching Fellowships Sophie Hill, Ann Chu, Andy Baldwin, Robyn Goodier, Neil Patel and Rula Najim
8 Building medical education momentum within your organisation, locality and workplaceClive Gibson & Simon Gay 
9 AoME@ASME: Developing Career Pathways in Medical  EducationJulie Browne, Derek Gallen & Nicolas Cooper
10 Postgraduate Seminar: Departments in DifficultyProfessor Peter Johnston, ASME Board of Directors memberwith contributions from members of the General Medical Council.

Meeting Room 1a
Meeting Room 2a
 Bar 2
  Meeting Room 3a
Meeting Room3b

Meeting Room 1b
Meeting Room 2b

Chaired Poster Session
Hall 1

1315- 1415
Lunch & viewing of exhibits 
Hall 1

The following intra conference sessions will run simultaneously between 1420 and 1520 hrs and delegates can sign up for them on the day. There is no extra charge for attending these sessions


1 Leadership Seminar: Exploring topical issues in research and practice.Judy McKimm, Paul Jones 
2 What’s Hot in Learning and Teaching Innovations in Medical Education
Please see detailed programme under ‘What’s Hot…’ tab
3 Gaining Research Grants in Medical Education: where to look, how to approach writing a proposal and how best to spend small grants. Jan Illing, Paul Crampton, Sally Corbett
4 Masterclass in Programmatic Assessment 
Cees van der Vleuten
5 Masterclass: How effective are selection methods in the healthcare professions? Current research and implications for practice Fiona Patterson 
6 JASME: Career pathways involving medical education 
7 TASME: Teaching Innovation and Excellence Award (TIE) 

Meeting Room 1a
Main Auditorium
Meeting Room 2a
Meeting Room 3a
Meeting Room 3b
BR1Meeting Room 2b


Meeting of MSc Course Lead/Programme Directors 
 Bar 2

Technology Enhanced Learning SIG meeting 

Refreshment break and viewing of exhibits 
 Hall 1 

Members papers presented in Parallel Sesions inc Technology Enhanced Learning and the ERG’s Best Original Research Paper Award (BORPA) sessions chaired by Anne-Marie Reid


See Parallel session timetable



ASME Annual General Meeting – open to ASME members & others who wish to attend

Main Auditorium

TASME meeting & elections for new Committee 2016 – 2017 

Bar 2


ASME Annual Dinner Harbour Commissioners Office, Corporation Square, Belfast Pre-dinner drinks at 19.30
Dinner kindly sponsored by  Welcome to Belfast, Dr Michael McBride, Chief Medical Officer, N. Ireland Department of Health Presentation of the President’s Medal, Dr John Jenkins Recipient: Mrs Susan Symons, Editorial Manager, Journal Editorial Office, Plymouth, UK  

Harbour Commisioners’ OfficeCorporation SquareBelfast

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Registration & refreshments
Riverside Foyer/Hall 1

Members papers presented in Parallel Sessions including Technology Enhanced Learning 
See parallel sessions timetable

Refreshment break and viewing of posters and exhibits
 Hall 1

Making Change “Leadership Education in  Healthcare” Dr Richard Canter, Oxford Session Chair: Dr John Jenkins, ASME President
 Main Auditorium 


General Medical Council   Update on GMC priorities in medical education, Martin Hart, GMC Assistant Director of Education and Standards Joint ASME/GMC Award Announcement, John Jenkins, ASME President & Judith Hulf, GMC Director of Education and Standards Excellent Medical Education, Joint ASME/GMC Awards   Short summaries of the successful submissions 2016: Undergraduate category: Submission Title: To investigate and evaluate a one year immersive community based medical educational programme in rural ScotlandPrimary Investigator and Institution: Susan Law, University of Dundee Postgraduate category: Submission Title: Roles Reversed: FY1s experiences of the Student Assistantship as Supervisors Primary Investigator and Institution: Stephanie E Wells, Cardiff University
Continuing Professional Development category: Submission Title: Developing a coding framework to understand the Behaviour Change Techniques used in CPDPrimary Investigator and Institution: Jo Hart & Lucie Byrne-Davis, Manchester Medical School, University of Manchester 

 Main Auditorium 


Sir John Ellis Student Prize Winners’ PresentationPresenters: Ruth Gratton and Daniel Whitehouse, University of AberdeenSubmission Title: Undergraduate Pre-hospital Care Manuals
Question & Answer sessionSession Chair: Professor Andy Hassell, ASME Board of Directors member & JASME Liaison Lead

 Main Auditorium 

Closing summary and a look ahead to 2017Dr John Jenkins, ASME President
 Main Auditorium 

Close of conference 

JASME elections for new Committee 2016 – 2017 
Meeting Room 1a

Education Research Group committee meeting Closed meeting

 To download a PDF of the programme please click HERE
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To download the Conference Information Booklet please click here
{tab What’s Hot Session}
What’s Hot in Learning & Teaching Innovations in Medical EducationThursday 7th July 2016, 2.20pm – 3.20pm


Welcome Dr Clive Gibson (EDG Group lead) 
Introducing TEL group leads Alison Bullock and Jane Williams, and Psychometrics group lead Richard Fuller


Educator Innovator Award Winners 2016
(2 x 10 minutes each)
Interactive high fidelity patient simulations delivered to large group pre-clinical medical cohorts in the lecture theatreClare Guilding, School of Medical Education, Newcastle University Medical School
A novel teaching ophthalmoscope: The impact on learning and assessment of fundoscopy and the implications for understanding the moldalities of feedbackChristopher Schultz, Royal Bournemouth Hospital, Bournemouth, UK Q & A Session 


Abstract presentations from What’s Hot submissions (2 x 10 minutes each) Validity of Situational Judgement Tests: Are they effective tools to assess professionalism?Peter Whitfield, Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry; National Recruitment lead for Neurosurgery, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust Plymouth PL6 8DH
‘I’m a medical educator, get me out of here!’ Exploring the tensions A Sethi, S J Schofield, R Ajjawi, S McAleer, Centre for Medical Education, University of Dundee
Q & A session
Session Chair Dr Mark Lillicrap 

Summary and close Dr Clive Gibson

{tab ASME/GMC EME Award }
ASME/GMC Excellent Medical Education Award Friday 8th July, 1140-1220hrs


Winner in the Undergraduate Category 2016
Submission Title: The impact upon 4th year medical students and their supervisors of a one-year immersive community based medical clerkship in rural Scotland
Primary Investigator and Institution: Susan Law, University of Dundee
Co Applicant(s) and institution(s): Dr Fiona Muir, Senior Lecturer, Undergraduate Tayside Centre for General Practice, School of Medicine, University of Dundee


Winner in the Postgraduate Category 2016
Submission Title: Roles Reversed: FY1s experiences of the Student Assistantship as Supervisors 
Primary Investigator and Institution: Stephanie E Wells, Cardiff University
Co Applicant(s) and institution(s): Professor Alison Bullock, Professor of Medical and Dental Education, CUREMeDE, Cardiff University. Professor Lynn Monrouxe, Professor of Medical Education, Director of Chang Gung Medical Education Research Centre, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan          


Winner in the Continuum/CPD Category 2016 
Submission Title: Developing a coding framework to understand the Behaviour Change Techniques used in CPD
Primary Investigator and Institution: Jo Hart & Lucie Byrne-Davis, Manchester Medical School, University of Manchester 
Co Applicant(s) and Institution(s): N/A

{tab NRA 2016}
New Researcher Award Winner 2016: Distinguishing three unprofessional behaviour profiles of medical students using Latent Class Analysis Authors: Marianne C. Mak-van der Vossen1,2,3, Walther N.K.A. van Mook4,5, Joyce M. Kors1,6, Wessel N. van Wieringen7, Saskia M. Peerdeman1,8, Gerda Croiset1,3, Rashmi A. Kusurkar1,3 Affiliations1 Department of Research in Education, VUmc School of Medical Sciences, Amsterdam, the Netherlands 2 Department of General Practice and Elderly Care Management, VU University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands3 LEARN! Research Institute for Learning and Education, VU University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands4 Department of Intensive Care Medicine, Maastricht University Medical Centre, Maastricht, the Netherlands5 Department of Medical Education Development and Research, School of Health Professions Education, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, Maastricht University, Maastricht, the Netherlands6 AVAG Midwifery Academy Amsterdam Groningen, Amsterdam, the Netherlands 7 Department of Biostatistics, VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam, the Netherlands8 Department of Neurosurgery, VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam, the NetherlandsPlease click here to view the winning abstract
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ASM Frequently Asked QuestionsRegistrationDo I need to be a member of ASME to attend the conference?No, there are separate member and non-member rates to attend.When do I need to register by?You can register online up to 1 week prior to the ASM. You can register on arrival at the conference, at the registration desk.  Payment details will be required at the time, there will not be an option to be invoiced at this late stage.
How can I pay?You can pay online when you register, or you can select to pay by invoice, however, our preferred method of payment is via debit/credit card.  All payments must be received prior to the ASM. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE PAYMENT TO ASME, Make payment to Conference Partners who are looking after registration, using the details on your invoice. Am I eligible for a reduced fee?Undergraduate Students and F1/F2’s are offered a reduced rate, see fees tab.AbstractsDo I need to become a member to present an abstract/poster?Only one author is required to be a member, it does not have to be the presenter. Do I need to pay to attend the conference if I am presenting an abstract or a poster?Yes, you do need to register and pay to attend the conference at the relevant fee.  You must do this by the given deadline to be able to present otherwise your abstract will be withdrawn and will not be included in the conference papers.Can I choose when I present?Unfortunately, due to scheduling complexities, we cannot take individual requests for the day or time of your presentation.Can I submit more than one abstract?You can submit more than one abstract, if you are accepted to present more than once we will ensure that your presentations are timetabled at different times.Do I need to bring my presentation with me?Yes, please bring your presentation with you on a USB and take it to the Speaker Preview Room to be uploaded on your arrival at the conference.Attending the conferenceWill I get a copy of the programme and abstracts on the day?You will receive a copy of the programme in your conference pack when you arrive.  All conference information, including the programme and parallel session timetable will be available on the ASME website  as soon as it becomes available. You can select to recieve a hard copy of the abstract book when you register. How can I sign up for workshops?Sign-up for workshops will take place at the conference, no prior sign up will be available (apart from pre-conference workshops, which you must sign up for on our website prior to the meeting).Do I have to attend the full conference on the day I am presenting?It is advised that you arrive with as much time as possible prior to presenting, to ensure your presentation is loaded in good  time.  You do not have to attend the full day, however, you will have to register and pay for the full day’s attendance.CertificatesWill I get a CPD certificate?There will be a sign up sheet at the registration desk, please sign your name there.  Attendees of the full conference will then be able to pick up their certificate at the end of the last day of the conference, 1 or 2 day attendees will be emailed their certificate after the conference.Will I get an attendance certificate?You will be emailed an attendance certificate after the conference.Will I get a certificate to confirm I presented a poster/parallel session?You will recieve a certificate confirming your presentation emailed to you after the conference.
{tab Social Events}
WELCOME RECEPTION The Waterfront – Wednesday 6th July – Included in full conference registration fee, £25.00 per person otherwise
Drinks and canapés will be served in the exhibition area, where guests will be able to view the conference posters at the same time as enjoying their surroundings, mingling and networking.1 ticket to the welcome reception is included in registration for full conference attendance, otherwise the cost is £25.00 per ticket.  CONFERENCE DINNER
Belfast Harbour Commissioner’s Office – Thursday 7th July – £55.00 per personHarbour Office, Corporation Square, Belfast BT1 3AL
Dinner sponsored by 
The conference dinner will be held in the iconic and stunning building of the Belfast Harbour Commissioner’s Office.  The evening will begin with a glass of bubbles, followed by a delicious informal seated buffet. Pre dinner drinks start at 19.30. Dinner is from 2000-2230.
JASME/TASME SOCIALCOSMO, Victoria Square, Level 2, Belfast BT1 4QG – Wednesday 6th July
If you would like to attend the social please click on the following link to reserve your place. 
Food is included, drinks to be paid for on the night.
{tab Accommodation}
A range of accommodation is available to book while you are registering to attend the conference. 
For help with alternative accommodation and to learn about other things to do while in Belfast please click on the below link:
{tab Venue Information}
The event is being held at the Belfast Waterfront Conference Centre  2 Lanyon Place, Belfast BT1 3WH  
Getting to the event
By car
The conference centre is located in Lanyon Place, just off Oxford Street in the city centre. 
If you are travelling on a major road into the city, follow signs for the city centre and Belfast Waterfront via East Bridge Street or Oxford Street.
There are two 24-hour car parks located near Belfast Waterfront, offering more than 800 parking spaces. The multi-storey Lanyon Place car park is located 100 metres from the venue (£2.00 per Hour).  The car park at the Belfast Hilton Hotel is also multi-storey and is next door to the building. (£3.00 per Hour) 
By plane
Belfast is served by two airports and is within easy reach of national and international destinations. The George Best Belfast City Airport is located three miles from Belfast Waterfront. A regular bus service runs to and from the city centre and the journey time by car is around five minutes. The Belfast International Airport is around 20 miles north of the city centre and the average journey time by car is around 45 minutes. There is a regular bus service to and from the city centre.
More information about getting to Belfast Waterfront
Local car parking facilities
There are two 24-hour car parks located near Belfast Waterfront, offering more than 800 parking spaces. The multi-storey Lanyon Place car park is located 100 metres from the venue.  The car park at the Belfast Hilton Hotel is also multi-storey and is next door to the building.
More information about car parking at Belfast Waterfront
Useful links
Please click here for the Visit Belfast Top 10 guide of things to do in and around Belfast 
Please click here to download the Visit Belfast conference guide, which has information on The Waterfront venue, accommodation, tourist attractions, events and much more 
For help getting around Belfast city centre click here to download a Belfast city tourist map
{tab Exhibitor Opportunities}
ASME would like to inform you of the exhibitor opportunities available at this year’s ASM in the newly renovated Waterfront venue in Belfast from 6-8 July 2016. 
The exhibition area will be shared with all the daytime conference refreshments and meals, as well as with our poster display. Access to the refreshments will mean delegates have to pass exhibition stands, so footfall is maximised. 
Packages available:
Commercial Organisations £995This package includes:
3m x 2m floor area 2 x chairs 1 x table (approx 6′ x2’6″) – Please note no table cloth included Wifi access (not hardwire) Advert in ASME programme (artwork to be with ASME by 27th May) – limited amount of advert space available.  Attendance for 1 representative at the conference including refreshments, lunches and Welcome Reception
Non Profit Organisations £545
This package includes: 3m x 2m floor area 1 x chair 1 x table (appox 6′ x2’6″) – Please note no table cloth included Wifi access (not hardwire) Attendance for 1 representative at the conference including refreshments, lunches and Welcome Reception
Please note that Electricity and Hardwired Internet Connection are not included in the exhibition package but can be added on. ASME does not make profit from this, we simply charge what the venue charges us:Electricity/power point at stand: £96Hard wire internet access £96 for up to 10MB

Exhibition Times:
Tuesday 5th July 1100 – 1600 Exhibition set up
Wednesday 6th July1200 – 1900 Exhibition open (including Welcome Reception) Thursday 7th July                    0830 – 1700 Exhibition openFriday 8th July0830 – 1300 Exhibition open1300 Exhibition dismantling
If you have any queries regarding exhibiting please contact
Click here to view Exhibitor Manual
{tab Abstract Book and Timetables}Click here to view Abstract Book
Click here to view Abstract Timetable{tab Abstract Guidance} How to improve your abstract prior to submissionPlease view the following video for guidance on how to improve your abstract prior to submission: Example AbstractFor your information we have an example abstract for you to  view to show you the required format of your abstract. Please click here to view it.If you have any problems submitting your abstract, or have any questions, please call Conference Partners on +44 (0)131 306 0120{tab Abstract Submission}ABSTRACT SUBMISSION IS NOW CLOSED. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUBMISSIONS. NOTIFICATION HAS NOW BEEN MADE OF THE OUTCOME OF SUBMISSIONS. If you have any problems submitting your abstract, or have any questions, please call Conference Partners on +44

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