Asia Pacific Medical Conference (APMEC)

13th January 2025
to 18th January 2025

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Asia Pacific Medical Education Conference (APMEC) will be held from Monday 13th to Saturday 18th January 2025 in Singapore. The theme for 2025 is “Developing a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner for a Sustainable Future – Trends ● Issues ● Priorities ● Strategies”. The focus of this conference is on fostering a deep understanding of the multidimensional aspects that contribute to sustainable health, and the pivotal role educators play in achieving this goal through creating learner conducive training environments.

We are currently finalising the prospectus for our trade exhibition and will share with you soon. The past two decades have seen the conference grow and evolve from 190 participants to over 1,500 participants from nearly 40 countries.  By being a part of the conference, you would have the opportunity to reach out and connect to a wide, targeted international audience. We look forward to welcoming your esteemed organisation to our APMEC.


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Calendar of Events

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Non-ASME Events

21 May 2024
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24 May 2024
1 June 2024
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