ASMEBITESIZE Session 01: Podcast & Webinar

5 June 2020 - 5 June 2020
ASMEBITESIZE Session 01: Podcast & Webinar

This was the first in the series of ASMEBITESIZE events. It took the form of an audio podcast exploring some of the key challenges and opportunities of teaching medical students about video and audio consulting in the current Covid crisis and beyond.  The short podcast is available via the link below in which ASME Chair Professor Sandra Nicholson interviews Dr Graham Easton, GP and Professor of Communication Skills at Queen Mary University of London...

Until a few months ago, video consulting seemed like the future of doctor-patient interactions. Now it’s very much the present, and it’s here to stay. Doctors and health professionals of the future need to learn about video consulting, something potentially well-suited to our current online existence. But what do they need to know? How can we help them learn the skills? What are the tips and pitfalls for medical educators?

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 If you are not able to listen to the podcast the transcript is available by clicking here

On Friday 5th June the podcast was followed up with a virtual discussion via webinar where ASME members shared ideas and best practice. Please click on the link below to view the webinar video, if you are unable to view the webinar the transcript is available by clicking here

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Dr Graham Easton
Professor of Communication Skills at Queen Mary University of London

Throughout his portfolio career, communication has been Graham’s constant passion; whether in the GP consultation, as a BBC Radio Science presenter and producer, or as a medical journal editor and writer. He is a Fellow of the RCGP, a former Programme Director for GP Specialty Training and Lead for Academic GP 

Training Programmes at Imperial College, and a Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow on the Master’s programmes in medical education for UCL and RCP. He serves on the editorial board of the British Journal of General Practice, and has published many peer-reviewed papers and several books including the textbook General Practice at a Glance, How to Pass the CSA exam, and a book for a general audience called The Appointment - the story of a morning surgery told from inside the mind of a GP, which was selected for the BBC Radio 2 Book Club.