Education Research Committee (ERC)






The ERC (formerly the ERG) will inspire and support researchers to advance the science and scholarship of medical education                               
for the benefit of learners, educators, patients and wider stakeholders



  • Promote a culture of medical education enquiry and research.
  • Build research capacity through

                       o    Supporting the development of medical educators’ research skills; 
                       o    Facilitating the development of research networks. 

  • Enhance the profile of medical education research through

                       o    Providing opportunities for dissemination of the outcomes of research;
                       o    Raising the profile of medical education research within and beyond our communities of practice.

We shall achieve these objectives primarily through:

  • Organising and hosting the annual Researching Medical Education conference.
  • Engaging with and supporting the Annual Scientific Meeting.
  • Establishing and sustaining collaborations with other organisations interested in promoting education research.
  • Strengthening regional and national educational research networks.
  • Promoting research quality through our reviewing of grant applications to ASME.

To read more about the ERC click HERE to download the flyer.

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