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This page provides links to download any and all documents from our past courses and conferences, subject to availability. To view more information and any available downloads for any particular course or conference, just click on its name to expand it.


ASME Conference: Medical Students & Professional Behaviour - Thursday 5th June 2008


ASME Conference: Onwards and upwards - how junior doctors learn to cope when changing environments and responsibilities - Friday 17th Oct 2008


ASME Conference - Researching learning and assessment in the clinical workplace - Monday 17th November 2008


ASME Education Research Seminar - Wednesday 19th November 2008


ASME Conference: Are medical graduates prepared for practice? - Thursday 4th December 2008



ASME Conference:A Career Service for Doctors in Training - Thursday 18 January 2007


Medical School Finals Conference - Tuesday 6 March 2007


Clinical Skills: Fit for Practice? - 24th April 2007


ASME Conference: A Career Service for Doctors in Training - Thursday 21 June 2007


ASME Golden Jubilee 24 Hour Conference: Global Medical Education: a special role for Europe? - 18-19 October 2007


Conference: A Career Service for Doctors in Training - Tuesday 20 November 2007


Recruitment into Foundation and Specialist Training Programmes in the UK - 12 December 2007



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