Global Relationships in Medical Education 24 August 2017





Background and overview


The Wilson Centre Globalization Research Group is a network of scholars and students interested in exploring the intersection of globalization and health professions education.  Their goal is to understand the socio-political relations that underpin internationalisation projects involving academic health science centres, health professional schools, clinical teachers and trainees.

This symposium builds on four previous annual meetings held in partnership with local universities, and in diverse locations including Addis Ababa, and Maastricht, The Netherlands.  The 2017 symposium, held in London, UK, and organized in partnership with the University of Aberdeen, will focus on exploring the implications of globalization from practicing abroad to taking care of patients or supervising students in one’s local context.

International and UK panellists will share first hand experiences of negotiating and engaging in medical education policy and practice in international contexts, and describe efforts to train and equip health professionals for practice in local settings in a globalized world.  Reflections from speakers and session Chairs will encourage linkage of practice, policy and research.
Partners: Medical Schools Council (MSC) and The Wilson Centre, Toronto

Organising team

  • Jennifer Cleland (ASME)
  • Tina Martimianakis (Wilson Centre, Canada)
  • Robert Paul (Wilson Centre, Canada)
  • Katie Petty-Saphon (Medical School’s Council [MSC], UK)
  • Amudha Poobalan (University of Aberdeen, UK)
  • Jane Stewart (ASME and University of Newcastle, UK) 


The programme focuses on two broad topics within the overarching theme of the conference.  The format of the day has been planned to encourage critical discussion.  

Each theme will be managed by a Chair/Discussant. The session Discussant will summarise main messages, and, encourage questions and discussion of the session topic from participants. 

There will be interactive sessions in the afternoon, to enable small group critical reflection on specific perspectives raised during the themed sessions.

The day will finish with a short discussion of future directions.

Please click HERE to view the conference flyer 


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