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Mindfulness and other meditative practices are important, evidence based approaches for maintaining wellbeing, improving resilience, concentration, awareness and equanimity in many settings including healthcare and education. Mindfulness in Medical Education is a special interest group established to promote scholarship regarding mindfulness in medical education, to discuss and disseminate what might constitute good practice and to enable collaboration and fellowship with other like minded individuals and groups.


To raise awareness about the importance of mindfulness in healthcare and healthcare education through discussion, sharing of good practice and collaboration. The SIG also aims to support its members to undertake and disseminate mindfulness and wellbeing related scholarship.


  • To support the wellbeing of healthcare professionals and students through mindfulness-related research, sharing of good practice, and education.

  • To encourage collaboration and promote discourse related to wellbeing, mindfulness and meditative practices in medical education, in order to explore ways to integrate these into medical and healthcare related curricula.

  • To support the integration of mindfulness and wellbeing into medical and healthcare related curricula.

  • To encourage research into wellbeing, mindfulness and other meditative practices.

  • To establish and maintain connections with ASME-based and external organisations in order to further our objective to develop the teaching of wellbeing and mindful meditative practices in medical education.


MiME was established in 2017 by Ms. Ruth Sugden and Dr. Helen Bintley to promote mindfulness as a strategy for wellbeing and to encourage wellbeing related research in healthcare.


Name of SIG?
Mindfulness in Medical Education.

To raise awareness about the importance of mindfulness in healthcare and medical education through discourse, collaboration and sharing of good practice.

What events and activities does it organise?
A range of mindfulness events throughout the year.

How many members does it have?
70+ and growing.


Committee Members
Michael Atkinson, Co-chair

Vidarshi Karunaratne, Co-chair

How is the Lead decided?
The lead changes through two-yearly elections at the ASME ASM.

How long do they hold this position?
2 Years.

How is the SIG organised?
The SIG is organised in a dynamic way, responding to change. Currently we communicate through the official ASME email and face-to-face events. The SIG leads are also happy to come and talk to institutions and departments about the work that MiME does.

How do I join this SIG?
Login to your individual membership account and update your interest group preferences, and email the SIG lead on mime@asme.org.uk.
There are roles within the SIG that are up for election two-yearly in July. Please email mime@asme.org.uk for info.

Is there a cap on how many people can join?
Not currently.

Being a member of this SIG

What can I expect from the SIG if I join?
Support and advice
Sharing best practice with other medical schools
What will the SIG expect from me if I join?
As above.

Will it cost anything to join this SIG?
No, your ASME membership allows you to join as many SIGs as you wish.

What do I do if I no longer wish to be a part of this SIG?
Login to your individual membership account and update your interest group preferences, and email the SIG lead mime@asme.org.uk.


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