We share the overarching mission of ASME, which is Advancing Scholarship in Medical Education.


We aim to advance scholarship in health professions education; our definition of scholarship is holistic, leaning into the four types of scholarship proposed by Boyer (1990).

We aim to advance the scholarship of discovery by fostering and supporting the types of educational research that can inform and shape the purposes and practices of health professions education and training. e.g. through hosting the Research Medical Education Conference, with its distinct focus on methodological issues.

We aim to advance the scholarship of integration by actively supporting inter-disciplinary and inter-professional dialogue. This is reflected in the diverse disciplinary and professional backgrounds of our committee members and by continuing to showcase a broad range of methodological approaches at RME.

We aim to advance the scholarship of application through purposeful engagement and networking within and beyond ASME communities, including our career groups and SIGs.

We aim to advance the scholarship of teaching and learning by embracing and promoting multiple approaches to research and enquiry and creating spaces where ASME members can discuss ideas and practices in meaningful ways. We also do this through our work on behalf of ASME as reviewers of grants and papers.

Boyer, E.L. (1990) Scholarship reconsidered: priorities of the professoriate. Special Report for the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.



Our vision is to

Promote, support and sustain a culture of educational research and enquiry through

  • organising and hosting an annual Researching Medical Education conference designed to be of interest and value to all ASME members, irrespective of level of experience or expertise
  • showcasing high quality research at ASME ASM e.g. through the ERC Research Paper Award

Build research capacity through

  • Supporting the development of medical educators’ research skills through conferences, workshops and online resources
  • Working closely with ASME’s SIGs and career groups to help foster scholarship in its broadest sense
  • Supporting the award of grants and scholarships through active roles in review and feedback


Enhance the profile of medical education research through

  • Providing opportunities for dissemination of the outcomes of research
  • Raising the profile of medical education research by actively promoting the work of ASME regionally, nationally and internationally


Originally an interest group, the ERC is now one of three committees within ASME (the others being the EDC and EDI Committees). Our work is explicitly focussed on turning ASME’s mission (Advancing Scholarship in Medical Education) into a reality.

There are a number of established ways in which we seek to do this. The most prominent is perhaps the annual Researching Medical Education conference which has a distinct (and we believe unique) focus on methodological issues. Combining keynote presentations from leading ‘thinkers’ in medical education research with highly practical workshops. These are organised into strands to appeal to those new to medical education research and those with greater levels of experience. The ERC also makes a positive contribution to the ASME ASM. This has included offering pre-conference workshops with a focus on supporting ‘budding’ or early career researchers, hosting seminars focussed on research methodologies and what is often our highlight event – the presentation of shortlisted papers for our research paper award. 

Other aspects of our work are perhaps more ‘behind scenes’ where we offer support to our career groups and SIGs and where we review applications for grants, awards, scholarships and conference presentations.

Our current work is focussed on thinking about the ways we can create spaces for medical education researchers and scholars to come together to think creatively about the ways in which they approach their work.

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