Our mission is to advance the use of the arts and humanities in health professions teaching, learning and education scholarship.


Aflame is aimed at anyone who is interested in the use of the arts and humanities in health professions education and/or research.

We are aiming for our first three years to consist of three phases where we will Create, Connect and Collaborate. The aim of the first 12 months is to:

  • Successfully launch the SIG
  • Establish the first SIG committee and governance documents with the support of ASME
  • Raise the profile of the SIG through a series of creative activities
  • Produce a collection of creative works and showcase these at a session at the 2024 ASME ASM


Aflame will tie into ASME’s key values:

 The SIG will be consciously multidisciplinary and inclusive in a number of different facets. We will welcome any interested parties from any healthcare or research background and level. We will seek collaboration outside of the healthcare space with experts in the arts and humanities.

We believe that the future of healthcare requires creativity and “blue sky thinking.” Through our activities, we will encourage participants to develop their creativity and interact with new ways of thinking, teaching and researching.

We will aspire to maintain excellence through evaluation of feedback and adjusting our offering accordingly. We will seek to maintain awareness of the space in which we work national and internationally, to explore best practice and potential collaborations.

We will aim to produce scholarly work around our activity, including scholarly evaluation of our events and campaigns. A strand of our aims will include support for researchers wishing to use the arts and humanities either as a research technique (for example, poetic enquiry) or to evaluate arts and humanities based educational interventions in their local contexts.

The SIG will be open to all. We will actively engage with ASME’s guidance on accessibility to ensure equitable access to our activities.


The Aflame SIG was set up in early 2024 by Dr Anna Harvey Bluemel.


Name of this SIG?
Aflame: Arts and Humanities in Health Professions Education

What is its purpose?
Aflame is aimed at anyone who is interested in the use of the arts and humanities in health professions education and/or research.
Our mission is to advance the use of the arts and humanities in health professions teaching, learning and education scholarship.
We will provide training, networking and opportunities to engage in a range of arts and humanities approaches.

What events and activities does it organise?

  • Arts and humanities workshops at the ASME ASM and beyond
  • Creative showcases
  • Training in arts and humanities approaches to research, including but not limited to lectures, workshops and tutorials
  • Networking and connection events
  • Collaborative events with other ASME Special Interest Groups

How many members does it have?

We are in the process of setting up the SIG committee, and once the SIG is launched we will know the numbers.

Who Leads the SIG?
Dr Anna Harvey Bluemel.

How is the Lead decided?
The founding lead set the SIG up in 2024 however once it is established, membership will be asked to nominate future leads. It is envisaged that a new lead will be appointed every 3 years.

How long do they hold this position?
3 years with potential for extension via vote. 

How is the SIG organised?
Aflame currently follows a collaborative structure with a flat committee hierarchy. Anyone who has an interest in the mission and aims of the SIG is welcome to join the committee. A more formal structure of roles may be considered at the 3 year review of the SIG.

How do I join this SIG?
Please email aflame@asme.org.uk. We will be in touch within 10 working days of you getting in contact.

Is there a cap on how many people can join?
Currently there is not a cap.

Being a member of this SIG

What can I expect from the SIG if I join?

As a new SIG, we are welcoming new members who can be as involved as they wish. The SIG will make contact with you to give you some information on the aims and objectives of the SIG, upcoming events and opportunities and to invite you to join our collaborative SIG leadership committee. You are under no obligation to join the committee. We will collect a small amount of data via a form including email addresses which will be stored securely on the password protected ASME servers. Data is held in line with ASME’s data protection policies.

The SIG may contact you from time to time via email with updates on upcoming events, interesting external opportunities and invitations to join committee meetings.

If you have an idea for an event or project that you feel the SIG may be able to promote or support, please get in touch directly and we are happy to discuss this further.

What will the SIG expect from me if I join?
All members of the SIG are welcome to form part of the inaugural committee. This can involve as much or as little commitment as you are able. Otherwise we would be delighted if you would promote and attend our events where possible!

Will it cost anything to join this SIG?
No, your ASME membership allows you to join as many SIGs as you wish.

How can I become active in the organisation of the SIG?
See above – just get in touch and we would be delighted to discuss this with you further.

What do I do if I no longer wish to be a member of this SIG?
Please email aflame@asme.org.uk. We will delete your details and unsubscribe you from any future email updates.

Please come and say hello at our stand at ASM2024. But do keep an eye out for any notifications on the conference App.

Resources to follow.

Come and see our intra-conference session at #ASME2024 on Friday 12th July, 1300-14:20 in SSO.11

News on awards to follow.

If you are interested in our SIG please contact us via email on aflame@asme.org.uk