Mindfulness in Medical Education

 Mindfulness in Medical Education (MiME)                                            

The ever-growing evidence base for mindfulness is slowly changing perceptions of the public, teachers, trainers and learners. It has been shown that mindfulness practice can reduce recurrent depressive episodes, increase working memory, and help students cope with university life. Therefore it could be argued that mindfulness is a useful addition to medical curricula.




Objectives of the SIG:

·         To create a dialogue across medical schools with respect to Mindfulness teaching.
·         To establish a SIG meeting at ASME.
·         To share opportunities related to Mindfulness and medical education.
·         To create opportunities for sharing and collaborating in Mindfulness-based medical education research across the UK.
·         To be a leading light in Mindfulness-based curriculum development in medical education in the UK.
·         To create a gold-standard of Mindfulness teaching across universities in the UK by encouraging colleagues to develop Mindfulness teaching in their institutions
          based on education-led research.
·         To encourage a new generation of health professionals who are Mindfulness practitioners to develop their knowledge through education and training.

How we intend to realise these objectives:

·         To set up a newsletter to coordinate and disseminate information about opportunities and events and celebrate high quality research and teaching in mindful
          medical education in the UK.
·         To approach experienced medical and mindfulness educators to speak at meetings in which best practice and gold standard research and teaching can be
          showcased and discussed.
·         To set up an annual AGM at ASME in order to discuss group business and discuss aims for the forthcoming year.
·         Longer term, we hope to develop an instructor training course aimed at medical educators who wish to integrate mindfulness into their teaching and curriculum.

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