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Mindfulness in Medical Education

Mindfulness in Medical Education (MiME)          

The ever-growing evidence base for mindfulness is slowly changing perceptions of the public, teachers, trainers and learners. It has been shown that mindfulness practice can reduce recurrent depressive episodes, increase working memory, and help students cope with university life. Therefore it could be argued that mindfulness is a useful addition to medical curricula.

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Educator Development Committee (EDC)

The EDC (formerly EDG) seeks to seek to support and promote the professional development of teachers, trainers and learners in medical education. EDC Logo RGB

Psychometrics, Measurement and Quality in Assessment

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Measuring the quality of the assessment we undertake in medical education is a vital part of improving undergraduate and postgraduate training.

The Psychometrics and Measurement Special Interest Group (SIG) is a group within ASME which aims to create a network to support those directly involved in psychometrics & assessment quality. It spans academics, clinicians, assessment coordinators and psychometricians.

Education Research Committee (ERC)

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 The ERC (formerly ERG) seeks to support and advance high-quality research in medical and healthcare education informed by education research principles through

collaboration and strategic partnerships.

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JASME is the Junior Association for the Study of Medical Education.

It is an organisation of medical students and junior doctors united by a passion for medical education which aims to provide accessible, comprehensive information on medical education relevant to you, to undertake and offer you support for research into medical education and to effect change to better your medical education.

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Many trainees enjoy teaching, but getting and staying involved in medical education as a busy junior can be difficult. TASME (Trainee Association for the Study of Medical Education) is a Career Group of ASME (Association for the Study of Medical Education) that aims to support trainee involvement in teaching. It is run by a committee of trainees from a number of specialties, with the support of the ASME Board of Directors.

TASME was formed to provide a platform for trainees to share ideas and experiences within medical education. An initial scoping meeting took place at the 2011 Annual Scientific Meeting and since then the initial exec have worked to establish a terms of reference and business plan.

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Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Special Interest Group was formed in May 2012 to provide a forum for sharing best practice and fostering collaboration. It is aimed at medical educators who use TEL in their teaching, TEL specialists who develop and shape TEL practice within their organisations or at a national level and researchers of TEL.

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Leadership Development Group

The Leadership Development Group (LDG) seeks to support and promote the leadership development of healthcare educators and to disseminate good practice in educational leadership in the UK and internationally.


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