By Yvonne Mbaki – Honorary Secretary, Lead for Diversity and Inclusion

“I am, because we are” (Ubuntu)   

Recent global events have meant that as a society, we have a greater awareness of our differences. Reflecting on the ASM conference in the summer, conversations on equality diversity and inclusion (EDI) featured significantly, and in continuing with this theme, we would like to progress these conversations into the month of October as we celebrate Black History Month. The month of October resonates with me personally as I reflect on my lived experience as a Black African living in the UK. I would however like to re-iterate the fact that our differences is what makes us special, and this is why I am honoured to be contributing to Black History Month at ASME this year.

As an update for the month of October, you will notice the ASME logo on our website and official ASME email correspondence now reflect the colours honouring Black History Month. As part of our diversity and inclusivity strategy, we have committed to championing EDI across the calendar year and part of this is recognised through our ASME official logo. This month, we will also be celebrating the richness of cultural diversity through various activities such as blog posts where we will showcase the achievements (and experiences) of people from underrepresented groups, including our Black members. Additionally, as part of our celebration of Black History Month, JASME have organised an EDI session in their virtual conference on Saturday 23rd October, where there will be conversations taking place around widening participation, diversity and cultural change, and our EDI work at ASME.

Whilst the aforementioned are just a few activities taking place this month, we would also like to offer this platform to our members who would like to contribute to Black History Month. Please contact us and share your ideas or stories via