One of the intentions of the ASME Special Interest Group Mindfulness in Medical Education is to support mindfulness related research.  The ASME-MiME Research Award is designed to provide a student of healthcare (undergraduate student or postgraduate student in training) with the opportunity to undertake a piece of research related to mindfulness in medical education or healthcare. This could be any aspect of mindfulness or mindfulness based practices, from its role in well being to clinical decision making. This is in recognition for the need for further high-quality research-based evidence related to this field in medical education and healthcare.

The winner of the Mindfulness in Medical Education Research Award 2022 is Mona Jaffar Karballai for her submission: Investigating the effects of the interpersonal mindfulness in healthcare students.

“We would like to express our immense gratitude to ASME for awarding us this research grant. We are grateful for the opportunity to rerun a newly developed Interpersonal Mindfulness course to benefit our students and, hopefully, their future patients. In the past, this course has improved trainees’ empathy, self-compassion and present-moment awareness without requiring lengthy home-practice time. We’re super excited to continue our investigations!”

Mona Photo

(Amy Spatz & Mona Jaffar Karballai)

For more information on open calls for ASME Awards please visit: ASME Awards


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