As part of Black History Month ASME is highlighting some of the relevant work we have showcased.

In November last year Lydie Kitenge and Hazal Turunc presented an ASMEBITESIZE session on Representation In Medicine (, hosted by Ed Whittaker our Co-chair of JASME.

Lydie_Kitenge_Photo.jpg Hazal_Turunc_Photo.jpgThey touched on the impact that imposter syndrome can have and also factors such as socioeconomic factors – both which play a role in inhibiting diversity and equality amongst aspiring medics.

Students can often feel alienated from content being taught at medical school. For example, there is a lack of representation of different clinical signs on darker skin amongst medical textbooks and lectures. Lydie and Hazal want to ensure students do not feel this way and that a student’s background does not diminish their medical school experience.

Through Journey2Med they want to raise awareness on a topic that has frequently been deemed as ‘uncomfortable’ and so often ignored. Their goal is to diversify and encourage members from different demographics to apply to medicine, regardless of their background.

To access the video and transcript of this fantastic ASMEBITESIZE session follow this link; Representation In Medicine (