TEL ASM Communication Prize 2023:

Oral Presentation Winner: Alice Middleton, Carys Gilbert, Philippa Dodd & Isabel Rimmer, All Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust with the abstract:

Low-Tech, High-Yield; the utility of virtual patients using simple presentation software.

View the abstract here

Oral Presentation Runner Up: Kelvin Gomez, University of Leeds with the abstract:

Using Epistemic Network Analysis to design and develop a novel teleconferencing platform to deliver clinical experience to undergraduate medical students.

View the abstract here

e-Poster Winner: Mustafa Hussein Ajlan Al-Jarshawi, Mid & South Essex NHS Trust, Broomfield University Hospital;  Christopher Williams and Terese Bird with the poster:

Patient video cases in early large group medical student teaching: a qualitative study of learners’ and faculty perspectives

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TEL e poster prize winner pic 098


no award


Shaunna Kelly, Catherine Bruen, Dr Brian Creaner, Dr Caroline Delaney, Prof Teresa Pawlikowska, Dr Michelle Flood; Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland; with their submission: “Design and Evaluation of a Virtual Patient for Early Training in Disclosure of Medical Error”

Applicants for these prizes should submit an abstract to the ASM via the abstract submission process and indicate on their submission form that they wish to be included in assessments for the ASME Prizes. 

Deadline for submissions: Submissions will close at 17.00hrs (GMT) Thursday 25th January 2024. No extensions will be offered.

ASME Group Technology Enhanced Learning Group
Scholarship Type Innovation, Evaluation
Intended Audience All with an interest in Technology Enhanced Learning
Nature of Award Winner gets free copy of Understanding Medical Education textbook and £30 book token. Certificate for both winner and runner-up.
Opens On 25th November 2024