The TASME Mentorship Prize provides funding for trainees to meet with potential mentors or collaborators. The award will help to fund travel outside your current geographical region, including to another institution or country. Whilst we have provided some examples of how this prize may be used, we are happy to accept applications from eligible applicants who have an alternative plan for utilising the award. Our hope is that this award will help you develop your career as a health professions educator, by developing collaborative links with other individuals and institutions.

This award will provide resources for an early career health professions educator to develop a mentoring relationship that will support their development. It recognises that TASME is not just for trainee doctors, but for all early career health professions educators, be they allied health professionals, clinical scientists, or doctors not in training posts.

Candidates will self-nominate through the application process to demonstrate how they will use the resources to develop a mentoring relationship, and in what way this may benefit their career as a health professions educator. The TASME Mentorship Award is an individual award.

As well as the prize, the winner will be asked to provide a photo of them meeting with their mentor with a caption for the ASME newsletter. The winner will also be asked to share what they have learned with the TASME community. The medium by which this is done is flexible but should be described in the application – this could include contributing to a TASME podcast episode, presentation at the TASME Annual Conference, and producing materials to be shared on various TASME and ASME Social Media Platforms (including: website, twitter, Instagram).

In order to be eligible to enter, candidates must be:

  • An individual ASME member (including discounted TASME membership) AND one of the below:
    • A medical educator still in training, such as a clinical teaching fellow, a doctor or other healthcare professional with a formal educational role, or a trainee who teaches medical students. This individual must be a trainee or within 5 years post foundation years.
    • OR a health professions educator who does not hold a substantive post and is within 7 years post qualification.

This list is not exhaustive. If you are unsure about eligibility, please email

We encourage applicants to find a mentor outside their geographical region. Strong applicants should consider a degree of cross-boundary (specialty or profession for example) collaboration.

Applicants are invited to summarise how they will utilise the award to develop a relationship with an educator – this could be to facilitate mentoring, start a research project, or to collaborate on ongoing work. They should outline how this will help their career as a health professions educator.

Applicants should either:

  • Identify a potential mentor/supervisor/collaborator and propose to visit them/their institution within the next academic year
  • Propose to attend the ASME ASM with specific networking opportunities, relevant to the candidate’s career goals, to meet a potential mentor

For candidates who do not already have an individual mentor in mind, we encourage you to look at the ASME Mentor Directory listing individuals willing to take on a mentorship role and are happy to be contacted. You may like to get in contact with individuals in your research area of interest*. 

We particularly welcome applicants from diverse and under-represented backgrounds, as well as allied health professionals and clinical scientists.

There is a word limit of 500 words for the completed application.

If you have any questions about the application, please email as soon as possible before the submission deadline.

* Please note you need to be an ASME individual member to access this directory and will be required to log in to your membership account to view it

Eligible applications will be assessed by the TASME Prizes and Awards panel based on demonstrating:

  • A realistic plan for utilising the award
  • A clear rationale for how the award will be used
  • A clear understanding of how it will develop your career as a health professions educator
  • A plan for disseminating how you will share your learning from the experience
  • Alignment with the values of ASME/TASME

Applications will be scored by two independent markers according to the above scoring criteria, with a final numerical score assigned, and comments gathered and fed back to candidates.

The winning applicant will be informed as soon as possible after the award deadline.

£500 to support the development of a mentoring relationship. This could be used to fund:

  • Travel and accommodation costs to visit an individual at another institution (this can be outside the UK and should be outside your geographical region / deanery)
    • Travel and accommodation costs to visit a research group / collaborator
    • Travel and accommodation costs to bring an expert educator to your institution / hospital / clinic to facilitate an educational event
    • Attendance at the ASME ASM to meet with potential mentors (registration fee only)
  • Certificate
  • The winner and runners up may be invited to share their work through one of ASME/TASME’s outlets throughout the year; for example participating in a twitter chat about their research or writing a short piece for the website or newsletter, or contributing to a TASME TiME podcast episode.
  • 4th March 2024 – Applications Close
  • 20th March 2024 – Applicants notified by this date


Dr Grace Pearson, SpR Geriatrics & Clinical Lecturer, University of Bristol Medical School


Dr Daniel Fernando, Clinical Teaching Fellow, Imperial College London/Imperial College Hospitals NHS Trust


Dr Stefano Sandrone, Senior Teaching Fellow, Imperial College London

Dr Sandrone planned to use this award to travel to meet Dr Therese Stenfors at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. He hoped the award would:

  • enable him to meet a mentor he had only previously met online
  • allow time to discuss a potential grant application
  • engage in formal/informal discussions with Karolinska students and staff, to unleash new educational ideas

He said: ‘I am absolutely delighted to win the TASME Mentorship Award 2022! How wonderful! It means a lot for me, many thanks to TASME and ASME!’


Dr Joanna Smith, SpR Genitourinary & HIV Medicine, Chelsea & Westminister Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust


Dr Laura Watts, ST4 Rheumatology & Clinical Research Fellow, Imperial College London

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Scholarship Type Practitioner Inquiry
Intended Audience Medical or other HCP trainees with a commitment to education
Nature of Award Monetary prize & certificate
Opens On 4th January 2025