ASME offers a multitude of awards across the continuum of medical and healthcare education.

Each submission is required to be peer-reviewed. If you are an ASME individual member and are interested in signing up to help with the awards assessment process, please complete the form below. The form will also ask if you are willing to help assess abstracts submitted to the ASME Annual Scholarship Meeting (ASM), and if you are interested in becoming a peer reviewer with our journals Medical Education and The Clinical Teacher.

Members who assist in the above process(es) will be thanked formally, by name, in ASME’s Annual Report, to recognise and appreciate the time and expertise of individuals.  Engaging in peer review activities such as these are useful developmental opportunities to promote critical engagement and scholarly thinking about research.  They also offer a good way to find out more about ASME and its journals, and to become more involved at a national or international level.  In short we hope that involvement in our College of Reviewers will prove mutually beneficial and we welcome your feedback at any stage.

Queries can be directed to

ASME College of Reviewers

In order to access this form please ensure you are logged in with an active individual ASME membership.