The New Leaders Award is an annual prize which recognises outstanding leadership in the field of medical education for those early in their medical education career.

The award is designed to provide recognition for those who have taken a leadership or management role in undergraduate, postgraduate or continuing professional development that has had clear benefit and impact on improving the quality of learning, teaching or the patient experience. By early career, we mean medical students, doctors in training, lecturers, supervisors, support staff or mentors who have been formally involved in a leadership or management role or activity in medical education for less than five years.

Deadline: 27th March 2024

The award’s focus is to recognise the leadership demonstrated by an individual engaged in the delivery of medical education, training, research or other relevant educational activity. Where a team or group have been involved in leading the educational activity or change, the individual must have been instrumental in its success and their role must be made explicit, demonstrated through appropriate evidence.

Candidates will self-nominate through an application process. This is a retrospective award for achievements already completed and the significance of the project and the nominee’s role must be made clear through evaluation or other markers of improvement (e.g. assessment results; attitudinal change; efficiency savings; reduced mortality, error or morbidity, etc.) directly attributable to the change process led by the nominee. The application will consist of a structured written application supported by links to other appropriate media, e.g. website, video or additional materials to help illustrate the innovation. Group or team applications will not be considered. All applicants should provide a named supporter (e.g. teacher, educational supervisor, mentor, line manager) who may be asked to provide further supporting evidence after shortlisting.

Applications, in word format, maximum 1000 words, will clearly describe:

  • The problem or issue that needed addressing and the evidence for this
  • The initiative
  • The nominee’s leadership role
  • The solution envisaged by the individual or organisation and its implementation
  • Any obstacles encountered and how they were overcome
  • The impact of the change/project with associated evidence
  • Learning points from the project
  • Future directions and further work

The successful candidate will be invited to give a ten-minute presentation during the parallel sessions at the ASME Annual Scholarship Meeting (ASM) followed by a question and answer session.

Can I query the assessors’ decision regarding my application?

The assessors’ decision is final for all awards and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the outcome, other than providing the applicant with the result and the assessors’ feedback.

All applicants should refer to our FAQ page to answer most questions about ASME award submissions

  • Applicants must be ASME members
  • The submission must have direct relevance to medical education or training (at any stage)
  • There must be evidence of the improvement attributed to the project

Applicants will be assessed on the basis of demonstrating:

  • Recognition of an area of medical education in need of improvement, modification, or reform
  • The ability and willingness to take an educational leadership/management role
  • The utility of the change addressed and the sustainable impact on learners/educational processes/patients/healthcare or educational institutions
  • Initiative, resilience and insight in overcoming challenges and obstacles
  • The ability to motivate and include others
  • Their passion, enthusiasm, commitment and engagement to educational change and development
  • A high quality submission including the associated evidence
  • An ability to reflect on the challenges, changes, and continued development
  • An awareness of how this change has wider impact on education or healthcare

The criteria as listed above should be used to focus applications. Written supporting evidence from colleagues or supervisors may help strengthen an application but is not mandatory. Application forms should be submitted to ASME by 23:59hrs, 27th March 2024. Applications will be scored by a panel of independent assessors according to the scoring criteria and comments gathered and fed back to candidates. The highest-scoring applicant(s) will be invited to present at the ASME ASM Warwick University. Coventry, UK in July 2024. Successful applicants will be informed as soon as results are known, and will need to register to attend ASME’s ASM in July 2024.

Is my application suitable for this award?

We welcome your application. Please look carefully at the criteria provided to be sure your applicant team and application meet the stated criteria. Unfortunately, we cannot comment on whether specific applications or application ideas meet the criteria, since this is a group decision made by a panel of reviewers, but do let us know if the criteria are unclear

The winner plus first and second runners up will be announced at the ASM. All finalists will be given a certificate. Prizes will be awarded as follows:

Winner £250 plus ASM registration fee for one (accommodation and travel not covered).

Up to 2 runners up: £100 each.

Joe Gleeson, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, with the submission: STR1DE: A New Approach To FY1 Core Teaching.

Hannah Chase, Oxford University with the submission: UK and International Leadership of the Plantary Health Report Card

Dr Peter Leadbetter, Edge Hill University with the submission: Leading the Foundation Year for Medicine: a widening participation initiative

This year’s winner was Chee Yeen Fung, from Health Education England for their submission: Dr. Me Project: Promoting Health, Empowering Children. Chee Yeen Fung has bee invited to present their project at the Annual Scholarship Meeting 2021

This year’s winner was Rajiv Sethi, Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow, NHS England, for his submission: @BecomingaDr – widening participation into medicine. Rajiv presented this at our Annual Scholarship Meeting, July 3-5 2019 in Glasgow

This year’s winner is Bogdan Chiva Giurca, (University of Exter Medical School) . Bogdan was awarded the New Leaders Award 2018 for his work on NHS England National Social Prescribing Student Champion Scheme. He made a presentation at the 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting, held in Gateshead, 11-13 July.

This year’s winner is Dr Jonathan Guckian. Jonny was awarded the New Leaders Award 2017 for his work with Medisense Medical Education, an organisation he founded.
He made a presentation at the 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting, held in Exeter June 21-23.

An Innovative Look at Interpfrofessional Learning

S Nagraj, University of East Anglia. Shobhana presented her paper at the ASME ASM 2016 on Wednesday 6th July 2016 in the parallel sessions.

A Long-Term, Sustainable, Inclusive, International Model for Facilitating Junior Doctor and Medical Student–led Publishing
Z Qureshi. Academic Clinical Fellow (International Child Health). Great Ormond Street/University College London, UCL.

ASME Group Leadership Development Group
Scholarship Type Practitioner Inquiry
Intended Audience Formal involvement in leadership of less than 5 years.
Nature of Award Monetary prize for winner and runner up, plus ASM registration for winner to present their work.
Opens On 27th January 2025