The ASME President’s Medal was established to recognise an outstanding contribution to ASME over many years and/or to someone not previously recognised for their contribution. The award may coincide with the end of a particular period of service to ASME.

Each year, the ASME President will select a highly experienced scholar, leader, manager and/or policy maker who has made outstanding contribution to ASME over many years.  The recipient is likely to be ASME member and will usually be able to demonstrate a long association with ASME.  There are no age, nationality, professional, occupational or other barriers to being considered for the award.

The successful nominee will receive the ASME President’s medal and lifetime honorary ASME membership. 

The ASME President selects the recipient of this award.  The President’s decision will be informed by the following criteria:

  1. Significance of contribution to ASME.
  2. Duration of service to ASME.
  3. Alignment to ASME values (Collaboration, Future-focus, Excellence, Scholarliness, Enabling).

The decision as to the recipient of the award will be communicated to the Board of Directors by the President, prior to announcement. Although the intention is to award the President’s Medal annually, in exceptional circumstances the President may not make an award.



Kim Walker
Director of ASME Publications

2022 Karen Mattick
Director of ASME Awards
2021 John Cookson
Secretary, Psychometrics SIG


Jill Thistlethwaite
Editor, The Clinical Teacher



Bob McKinley
Director of ASME Career Groups



Jen Cleland
Chair ASME



Lesley Pugsley
ASME Treasurer



Sue Symons
Editorial Manager
Medical Education & The Clinical Teacher



Judy McKimm
ASME Leadership Development Group



Tim Swanwick
Editor Understanding Medical Education



Kathy Boursicot
ASME Treasurer



Vince Cooper
ASME Executive and Council Member

PM 2023PM 2022


Chair Sandra Nicholson presenting the President’s Medal to Kim Walker, Director of Publications


President Derek Gallen presenting the President’s Medal to Karen Mattick, Director of Awards

PM 2018PM 2017
President Derek Gallen presenting the President’s Medal to Bob McKinley, Director of Career GroupsPresident John Jenkins presenting the President’s Medal to Lesley Pugsley, Treasurer


ASME Group Board
Scholarship Type Research, Practitioner Inquiry, Innovation, Evaluation
Intended Audience Highly experienced scholars, leaders, managers and/or policy makers
Nature of Award President’s medal and lifetime ASME membership