asme logoIn preparation for launching its pilot mentoring scheme, ASME invites expressions of interest for the provision of a mentor’s development package. This will be offered to colleagues interested in becoming mentors through ASME. We are in discussion with the Society for Academic Primary Care (SAPC) and the School for Primary Care Research (SPCR) about joint mentor development across all three organisations.

We anticipate that the package would consist of:

  • A ‘Mentor’s support package’ in hard copy and/or an online resource which may contain:

    • A description of best practice
    • Statements of expectations for both mentors and mentees
    • ‘Top tips’ for mentors and mentees
    • Learning resources

  • A Mentoring Skills Development Course which would have to be delivered in a socially distanced manner, perhaps as a webinar which, if recorded, may form part of the support materials.

Given that we anticipate a role for JASME and TASME members as ‘near peer’ mentors as well as more (and perhaps very) senior ASME members as mentors from across the range of the members and that prospective mentors may also be from an primary care research background (SAPC and SPCR members), consideration may be needed as how to best support a diverse group of learners.

We invite outline proposals consisting of:

  • A description of your experience in the field of professional development in general and mentor development in particular.
  • A brief CV
  • An outline of your proposed package
  • Costings for:

    • Developing the written and online resources
    • Delivering an initial development course
    • Delivering additional development courses

Please submit one document in .pdf or .doc format, containing the above details via the form in the link below

Outline proposals to be received by : 5pm, Monday 10 August 2020 DEADLINE NOW PASSED
Offer to preferred proposal : 14 September 2020
Contracts Agreed and signed:  19 October 2020
First mentor development course: November 2020

RK (Bob) McKinley
Director of Career Groups


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