ASME’s mission is to Advance Scholarship in Medical Education.  Many of our awards have supported individuals to achieve excellence in medical education but, of course, the organisation in which the individual is embedded can make a huge difference to their ability to achieve this excellence.  Therefore, we are delighted to introduce the ASME Institutional ‘Commitment to Scholarship’ Award. This award is a non-monetary prize awarded to an institution that is a member of ASME and claims exceptional commitment to ‘Advancing Scholarship in Medical Education’ (i.e. research, evaluation, innovation, practitioner inquiry), including translation of medical education ‘evidence’ into policy or practice.

A maximum of three awards will be made for 2021, one of each of the following application categories:

1) Higher Education Institution (e.g. school/college of medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary science etc)

2) Healthcare provider (e.g. NHS Trust)

3) Other (e.g. charity, placement provider, royal college etc).

Applying institutions must be institutional members of ASME

The key contact/lead applicant can be any employee of the applying institution, although it is expected that a collaborative team will put together the submitted application for the award and there should be institutional sign off.

The application for the award should be a narrative, encompassing relevant quantitative or qualitative evidence of work and impact (e.g. income to support scholarship, spend on scholarship, job plans, staff development activity, staff engagement, infrastructure, publications, conference presentations, outreach/dissemination activity, impact, quotes from key stakeholders). 

The claim must be supported by statements from two referees, who should be external to the applying organisation and have knowledge of the work of the institution and the context.  They should be individuals who are in a position to comment and substantiate the institution’s record of effectiveness in relation to scholarship. They will be expected to comment directly on the content of the application, so would need to review the application prior to writing their reference.  The references will be collected by the applicant and submitted together with the application.


For full award info and to apply please visit our award page HERE


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