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Joint ASME / GMC Excellent Medical Education Awards – 

New Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity Category added from 2022


The Joint ASME/GMC Excellent Medical Education awards are a set of national prizes established jointly by ASME and the GMC in 2015. They are intended to fund high-quality medical education research, development, and innovation. The awards initially invited applications on a wide range of issues across the continuum of medical education with three core categories – undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuing professional development.

ASME and the GMC strongly support the need for further research in the field of Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI) and together have decided to introduce a new submission category within the now well-established joint ASME/GMC Excellent Medical Education Awards.

The ASME Diversity and Inclusion strategy aims to embed the principles of diversity and inclusivity throughout the whole of the ASME organisation, with one of its key objectives being to promote high quality research and scholarship in the field of diversity. As a way of implementing this objective, EDI has been added as a recurring submission category to attract and actively encourage high quality research and scholarship in this area.

This new category will be intended to support research related to the innovation, development, implementation, and sustainability of diversity initiatives in medical education which has an impact at either the individual (medical students, doctors in training and consultants, and/or patients) or institutional/ systems level (e.g., informing or leading to organisational change).

ASME and the GMC do not intend to name specific topic areas and welcome applications on a wide range of issues, across the continuum of medical education:

  • Undergraduate  
  • Postgraduate / Continuing Professional Development 
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity  

All ASME members who are based in the UK will be eligible to apply, provided their organisation is capable of fulfilling the role of a research sponsor (e.g. an NHS organisation, academic institution). 

Applications up to the value of £5,000 and up to 12 months in duration will be considered.  FEC, HEI and NHS Indirect Costs, and NHS Treatment costs will not be supported.

Applications for the 2022 round of awards are now open.

Full detail and how to apply can be found here


Full detail and how to apply can be found here: INSERT LINK