Mission Statement

our membersASME’s Mission

“To meet the needs of teachers, trainers and learners in medical education by supporting research-informed best practice across the continuum of medical education.”

ASME’s Strategic Aim:

“To allow members to share and further best practice in Medical Education”

ASME’s Objectives:

  • To position ourselves as a UK-focused, internationally-facing trusted and dynamic organisation, working with our members, for our members
  • To invest in targeted marketing to increase impact and influence of ASME, grow membership and increase income, to enable the development of further member services
  • To invest in modernising and expanding our online presence via a fit-for-purpose website which can support online resources
  • To focus on improved marketing of existing successful products, while developing sustainable additional products and resources

What does ASME provide?

  • CPD, Education and Training
  • Leadership development
  • Research knowledge, skills and networks

pyramidWho is ASME for?

People with a commitment and interest in UK medical education and training e.g.:

  • Those working in medical schools
  • Postgraduate trainers, Training programme directors, Deans
  • Medical students and trainees
  • Medical education researchers

   Processes to get us there

  • Investment in Marketing existing products, as well as improving
    • Branding/profile
    • Website development – with 'members only area'
    • Membership services (Individual and Institutional)
  • Strategic external collaborations

   Products to get us there

  • Conferences and meetings e.g, ASM, RME
  • Leadership development programme
  • Journals and books (UME, RME)
  • Member awards and prizes
  • On-line resources

   History of ASME 

     Click HERE to view our History of ASME booklet 

Forthcoming Conferences

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