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ASME Mission Statement 

  • Advancing Scholarship in Medical Education

About ASME

  • Established in 1957 by the General Medical Council (GMC) to promote and conduct research into medical education
  • Regular events and workshops, including flagship Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) and Researching Medical Education (RME)
  • World-wide respected scientific journals - Medical Education and The Clinical Teacher
  • Professional development through awards, papers, recognition and networking

ASME Goals

  • Promote high-quality research into medical education.
  • Provide opportunities for developing medical educators.
  • Disseminate good evidence-based educational practice.
  • Inform and advise Governmental and other organisations on medical education matters.
  • Develop relationships with other organisations and groupings in healthcare education.

ASME Values

Education and learning are central to the delivery of high-quality healthcare. Education must be an important component in the strategies of Governmental and other healthcare organisations. Good healthcare educators are central in planning, delivering and evaluating high-quality healthcare. Individual members of ASME should be supported and developed. High-quality research is necessary for the development of healthcare education. Vision, innovation and leadership in healthcare education are to be fostered.

History of ASME 

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