ASME Board Award

The ASME Board are delighted to introduce a new award - the Board Award, to extend and complement the existing awards offered to our members.

Deadline for applications 5pm, Wednesday 17th June 2020

The aim of this award is to fund one high quality research project per year, costing up to £20,000, which is strongly aligned to ASME’s strategic priorities.  We believe this size of award will provide a ‘next step’ for ASME members who have held smaller awards previously.  Each year, we will highlight the strategic priorities that we would particularly welcome applications on, to support the Board to advance scholarship in medical education. 

In this first year, we would particularly welcome projects with a focus on Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity; or Mentoring; although we will be happy to receive other applications aligned to our strategic aims

The research process, deliverables and dissemination strategy will be proposed by the applicant but we are keen to encourage innovative outputs and ways of sharing research findings. Collaborative bids are expected, and more than one institution should be represented within the applicant team, to increase research quality and encourage networking, in line with the ASME values.

We would be delighted to receive applications from ASME members who are not based in the UK. All applicants will be ASME members (individual or institutional) for the duration of the project, and the lead applicant will be an individual member, and we also request that the resulting research would be submitted (first) to the ASME journal Medical Education 


  • The funding will be awarded to the winner up to the value of £20,000 
  • Certificate 
  • Attendance (registration fee only for one person) at the ASM following the project to disseminate the findings



ASME Group Board
Scholarship Type Research
Intended Audience All members, but particularly those who have previously held small grants
Nature of Award £20k (max) funding, plus certificate, plus attendance at ASM following the project to disseminate the findings.
Current Status Open to submissions
Deadline 17th June 2020

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