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This is a new prize, introduced for the academic year 2018/19. The prize follows the same submission criteria and format as the Sir John Ellis Prize, however, is specifically for projects completed during an intercalated degree.

This prize will be opening for applications in the Spring of 2019.

A winner and runner-up will be announced and both will receive a certificate. The winner will be asked to present at the ASME Researching Medical Education conference in November 2019.


Eligible projects

This award is for projects completed during an intercalation year.

Projects may include:

  • Original research
  • Detailed literature reviews
  • Educational interventions

Submissions should be a description of a piece of work, survey, research or innovation in which the student has been directly involved, in the field of medical education. Candidates should aim to include the following:

  • Aims
  • Methods
  • Outcomes
  • Discussion of medical educational literature
  • Reflection on personal development

The expectation is of a well-structured, purposeful and disciplined piece of work that will be of general interest to a medical education audience. Curricular innovations and new methods are welcomed but must include justification, appropriate references to literature and elements of evaluation – these may be more eligible for our innovation prizes.

Submissions must be original and not derived from any other body of work by the student or collaborators. The work must not have been submitted previously for any other award, presented at national or international meetings or published in full or in part in any medium.

Decision making and feedback

All submissions for JASME prizes will be anonymised and assessed by two independent assessors, using strict criteria. Feedback will be provided by email on all eligible submissions. The decision of the assessors on eligibility and the awards is final and not open to question or challenge.

All information required to enter this award is published on this webpage. No discussions regarding possible entries or results of the judging will be possible. 

Submission Guidelines

The submission should be in typescript and up to 3,000 words long (excluding references). In addition, an extended summary of up to 800 words is required which includes a statement as to the assistance or supervision provided relating to the work. 

Deadline for submissions 20th August 2019

Scholarship Type Research, Evaluation
Intended Audience Medical students based on their intercalated degree
Nature of Award Monetary prize for winner, certificate and RME registration to present their work, Runner(s) up receive a certificate.
Current Status Next round opening soon
Deadline 20th August 2019

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