"The Clinical Teacher" Travelling Fellowship 2020



Deadline: 5pm, Friday 29th May 2020


ASME and Wiley have again generously identified funding of up to £2,000 to support a travelling fellowship. In order to be all-encompassing, we have expanded the criteria for applying. 

The aim of the fellowship is to provide financial support to :

  • An individual to gain further experience and understanding of the field of clinical education and scholarship by visiting an educational or health institution for their own professional and personal development, sharing insights with the host institution, and undertaking some form of project - which may be either a research study or educational development and evaluation. The funds may not be used solely to attend a conference.


  • Bring a scholar to your educational or health institution to help develop scholarship in clinical education and research. Funding may be used for local projects, running workshops/master classes etc. Where this is the focus of the application, a clear plan including learning outcomes and strategies for sharing good practice and expert knowledge with the wider clinical education and clinical education research community should be set out in the application.
ASME Group Journal Editors
Scholarship Type Research, Evaluation
Intended Audience Clinical teachers who wish to gain further experience and understanding.
Nature of Award Funding up to £2,000 to cover the costs of the fellowship, plus ASM registration for ASME members to present their work.
Current Status Open to submissions
Deadline 29th May 2020

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